BEHIND THE SCENES | a winter fashion shoot

Modeling Bridal gowns and Vintage headbands by Voila Bridal of Greenwood SC.

     Voila Bridal came to us with the idea of collaborating on a winter promo fashion shoot. So along with Vaughan Free of Merle Norman Cosmetics of Greenwood and Gina Grogan of Salon 225, we all pulled strings to provide a stunning Italian inspired location and 3 very talented models.  Somehow we were able to achieve this dreamy "Bridal Wonderland" shoot in only 4 days.  All I can say is Bravo to all of those involved in the planning! 


    So here for your pleasure is a behind the scenes look of the start to finish fashion shoot... A BRIDAL WONDERLAND.

Vintage Fur Bridal portrait photographed in Greenwood SC.