So I've been to Miami before, although it's probably been 12 years.   On that first trip we were stuck in rush hour traffic, MBA traffic, Cruise line traffic, and we were also smack in the middle of a marathon in downtown Miami.   (Yes I'm serious) Seeing as we sat in one place for probably 2 hours in a convertible I walked away from that Miami trip with a touch of sunburn.   I wanted to see Miami from a new perspective this time around and learn to think of the city as something other than a traffic death trap.  With complete enthusiasm and certainty, I can say that I am now a Miami believer!

     We drove down to Miami with a fellow entrepreneur in the wedding industry (Penny) who has a son (Tyler) that lives way down there in the perpetual sunshine.  As I have wandered over the years, my best travel experiences have always come when you have the opportunity for a local to show you the ropes.  Their favorite haunts, beaches, restaurants, and local attractions or oddities. Tyler drove us all over Miami showing us the sights, but my absolute favorite (the part of miami that erased the traffic from my mind) was the neighborhood dubbed Wynwood.  For those of you unfamiliar (as I was) of this Artistic phenomenon, it is a community where the buildings and streets and lamp posts are the canvas for the creative.  Graffiti.... if you can call that much talent graffiti.... along with all types of street art and sculpture covers the warehouses and businesses that have grown up smack dab in the middle of the ghetto.   Wynwood has grown into an art mecca of sorts for creatives of every sort to gather, sell their art and cultural hodge-podge that is Miami.  I'm told that among the many galleries and gourmet restaurants that have opened in this district you will often see world famous actors, singers, and moguls wandering the streets along with all the locals.   I could talk about Wynwood all day, but for you to get a real feel of what I am going on about you will have to see...

Kara Summey with Trinity Photography in Wynwood Miami FL.