Writing love letter to each other (to be sent via bridesmaid) is such a romantic way to communicate with each other before the ceremony.  And by writing love notes to each other, you will have these to cherish in years to come as momentos of the hours before you said "I DO".


     I know we all have friends or family who are very talented on the cosmetic side of things.... but over the years, I have seen that the brides who spend that extra bit of money to hire a professional end up with a look that they love (and one that lasts all day).  No worrying about hurting a friend's feeling if you want to change something, and no surprises (like tons of makeup when you were wanting something fresh and minimal).  It definitely pays to hire a trained artist.  And they also know how to handle any wedding day mishaps like unwanted blemishes or patches of dry skin.

Makeup by: Vaughan Free of Merle Norman Cosmetics of Greenwood

Makeup by: Vaughan Free of Merle Norman Cosmetics of Greenwood


     You will probably have heard a million different opinions on the "FIRST LOOK".  Personally I feel that the pros of seeing each other before the ceremony and having a special moment all to yourselves, are self evident.  Whether or not you choose to take this time to have some romantic portraits made of the two of you, you get to have a moment to just be happy together and let the stress of the day melt into the background (which is something most bride and grooms never get to do).     And for those who like this idea, but want a little more traditional take, there are many different ways to spend some time together....  reaching around a corner to hold hands or blindfolding the groom so you can have a chat with him are just a few of many different options.    Our bride and grooms who have been brave enough to try something new and do a full out "First Look" have told us that they still get that dramatic emotional moment when the bride walks down the aisle, plus they feel so much happier and relaxed because they got to have that special moment and they get these beautiful on location portraits of the two of them enjoying each other and having fun!


     Between the hair and the makeup and the running around to get ready and make sure everything is going smoothly, so many brides forget to sit down and take a breather.  What we like to do is have everything photographed of the bride, so she can take some time before the ceremony to maybe slip her dress off and just chill or hang out with bridesmaids.  This way she has time to grab a snack and freshen up so she can be at her best for her dramatic entrance.


     Every bride and groom love it when they get to the reception.  They've tied the knot and now they're ready to party!  The bride arrives in her gorgeous gown and her wedding veil still attached in her curly up-do.  What she does not realize is that every time one of her guests or new husband hugs her, her head will be jerked back when their arm wraps around her veil.  And if she has a cathedral length veil, when she goes to have her first dance with her hubby and her daddy daughter dance they will slowly get wrapped into tulle as they circle around the dance floor.  This usually ends in someone swatting very ungracefully at the veil trying to untangle themselves or a wedding director having to swoop in to save the dance from disaster.  Our favorite solution is to leave the veil for the ceremony and the pictures directly after and swapping to a gorgeous feathered, ornate, or jeweled headpiece for the reception.  Not only will you be very comfortable and be able to move freely.... you will get to show off you styled hair, which was previously covered in veil.

Headpiece by: Voila Bridal of Greenwood SC

Headpiece by: Voila Bridal of Greenwood SC


     One of our favorite ways to add drama to a reception with little cost, is to add lights.  There are so many different amazing ways you can light a reception space.... from the enchanting spotlight on your first dance, to the romantic chandeliers hanging low over guests.  You could have soft low candlelight spilling off of candelabras on the table tops or a wall of twinkle lights to create a focal point behind your head table or a plush seating area for your guests.  Many brides use up-lights on the walls surrounding the reception to incorporate their color scheme and you can have spotlights hanging above painting intricate patterns on your dance floor.  However you choose to customize and sculpt your reception with light, your guest will leave amazed by the dramatic effect.


     After an hour or two of hugging and chatting with your guests and after you have had time to eat, we often recommend to our bride and grooms that they take a few minutes to step outside into the night and do a quick photo shoot of the two of them after dark.  They get to spend time walking around near their reception holding hands and reminiscing about the day, while we take shots of them enjoying each other's company.  This way they get a little time to themselves and come away with some romantic portraits that are very unique and a great addition to their wedding album.


     Now this might seem obvious to some, but we have seen so many bride and grooms get left with a ton of cake, because they waited too long to cut it and many of their guests had already departed.  This is definitely a personal preference for you to decide what works best for you. But what we recommend is to ask your wedding director (if you're having a buffet) to have the cake cutting done not too long after your first dance or (if you're having a sit down meal) cut the cake directly after the meal.  This way everyone gets to enjoy the delicious cake flavors that you chose for them!


     This is just one of those things that we all seem to forget about.  In the rush of the days leading up to the wedding, you may remember to pack (hopefully), but on the day of the wedding many brides forget to have their luggage moved from their car into their "getaway car". The best way is to have your maid of honor, or someone you can trust be in charge of making sure you have everything you need for your trip safely moved to the car you will be leaving in. BONUS HINT: Many brides will have their makeup in the room they are getting ready in to touch up their face before going down the aisle, this important little bag often does not make it into the vehicle with your other luggage, so make sure your "trusted friend of choice" knows that this needs to be moved as well.  This way you won't have to do any midnight makeup shopping in a corner drug store on your wedding night.

Vintage Cars by: Denis Cook

Vintage Cars by: Denis Cook


      After all of this is said and done and you've had the most wonderful day of your life, the most important thing is that you have said I DO to the one you love!  And we believe that every year, no matter how crazy life gets or how many kids you have, you should take time to go off somewhere just the two of you and enjoy your anniversary together.   It doesn't have to be long or far away, just take the time to remember that special day and celebrate the life you have created together.

       STAY FABULOUS!    -The Trinity Girls

Location : Gatlinburg TN

Location : Gatlinburg TN

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