Downtown Wedding | Katie + Sean | Abbeville SC

    You could feel the sharp mist rolling in as they crested the hill in South Africa.  Katie watched as her boyfriend Sean nervously towed her all over the mountain top.  After their hike he seemed to be looking for something, unsure, darting looks back her way when he thought she wasn't looking. Little did she know he was looking for the perfect spot to ask her a "very important question." 

    From the initial moment we met Katie and her aunt, to the moment when Sean + Katie's parents wished them a tearful and  joy filled farewell from their reception, I understood that family meant the world to them.  Sean chose to propose in South Africa so his parents and brother could witness the love he had for Katie.  And Katie wanted her engagement photos to mean that much more by photographing on the land that had belonged to her family for generations.

  To Katie + Sean, your commitment to family and to each other would be an inspiration to anyone.  Thank you for making us feel like the family you cherish and letting us capture that bond.  

                                                                        - Kristin Summey + The Trinity Girls