I knew Anna first....  A coffee shop and shoes kind of girl, she has that smile that could stop traffic.   Matt with his crazy fun hair and a personality to match, is the Guitar strumming and life of the party kind of guy.

     With Anna being a local upstate girl, and Matt transplanted from the North Carolina mountains, these two ran in the same circles before they started circling toward one another.   For months they hung out in the same groups, hanging out with the same friends, not taking much notice of each other, until one New Year's Eve when that all changed.  From that magical moment forward, these two became inseparable.   Where you saw Anna, Matt was bound to be close by... and wherever Matt was Anna was soon to follow.   So it came as no surprise when these two announced that they had chosen a spring day in May to say "I Do" to forever together.

     Matt + Anna,  thank you for choosing us as your photographer and friend. Your day was beyond AMAZING and It was such an honor to witness your love story.

                                                        Much Love,    Kristin + The Trinity Girls

Satin bowed and rhinestone ivory wedge heels were the shoe of choice for Anna.

Anna had to have something special of her Grandmother's there for her big day.... so she chose this ring to have her there with her.

Anna had to have something special of her Grandmother's there for her big day.... so she chose this ring to have her there with her.

The detailing on the sleeve of Anna's lace dress was out of this world!

You can totally fell the nerves and excitement in these two shots!

Loving this moment!   And Anna is rocking that side-swept hairstyle to show off her key hole back on that lace dress.

Personally I think that a fashion inspired stylized bridal party portrait is way more fun than your traditional look.

Matt made his look his own with a 3 piece grey tweed suit, a white button up, and a deep plum purple satin tie.

Every single time I look at this picture, I wish I knew what they were talking about to inspire this great reaction!  Anna really pulled her wedding theme together with these eggplant one sleeve bridesmaids dresses that coordinated perfectly with the lavender, plum, eggplant, and lilac bouquets designed by Greg Hall and Company.

The groomsmen taking some shelter from the sweltering sun and hanging out in the shade.

Anna's choice of a fingertip veil with lace edging perfectly suited her lace overlay satin bridal gown.

This Vintage set up designed by the incredible Greg Hall and Company of Hartwell GA completely showcased the feel of this wedding day.

Anna's choice to arrive in a 1950's Chevrolet Pick up turned out to be the perfect dramatic entrance. 

To bring the drama of a chapel wedding into an outside ceremony, try setting up doors to be swept open when the bridal march begins and the bride enters.

Matt's face watching his bride just gets me every time.

The Livery Stable located in downtown Abbeville SC transformed into the ideal setting for their vintage reception.  From Vintage furnitures to lounge around on to perfectly placed twinkle lights dangling from the rafters Greg Hall and Company nailed this look.

Anna and Matt left for their honeymoon in Cancun Mexico to the send off of sparklers and the cheers of their loved ones.

    Huge round of applause to the creative team that brought this day together...  Greg Hall and Company created stunning vintage set ups at both ceremony and reception along with impeccable floral arrangements and bouquets.   The Livery Stable provided the perfect backdrop to a perfect reception.   And Anna looked flawless in her Castle Prom and Bridal Gown.