Every true love story has a beginning.  The way she walked into a room, the way he kept catching your eye during that party, that something that you both had in common... although it isn't very often you hear of a romance that started with math.

     Now I'm not saying that it wasn't the way she entered a room or the way he looked at her that began their love story,  but Caroline + Mac first met at Math boot camp.  Both starting their first year of grad school at Clemson, these two spent 6 weeks together along with 15 other people attending lectures and getting to know each other pretty well.  The way Caroline tells it, her friend Rachel kept insisting that she should go out with Mac.  However Caroline wasn't so sure, she didn't believe that they would be a good fit.  It took a post-boot camp camping trip with a few friends for Mac to ask Caroline out and for her to "happily" say yes.

   When Mac realized that he wanted to spend his life with Caroline, he decided to plan the proposal around her birthday... "so she wouldn't get suspicious of a fancy dinner." he says.  But Caroline being the charming laid back girl that she is, decided her birthday would best be spent at home with sweat pants, pizza, and a movie.  So after opening her birthday presents, a final small present appears at the end.  And Caroline says that they never did get to watch that movie, because they spent the whole night calling family and friends and telling everyone that they were engaged.

    When their wedding day finally arrived, Mac shared a love letter with Caroline.  Big soft tears ran down her face as she looked up at Mac with a smile that was only for him.  The way these two shared their day with those around them spoke of the love they had for each other and their family. 

   Thank you Mac + Caroline for sharing your love story with us. - The Trinity Girls

Mary Ann SummeyComment