The Beautiful You | Making your Engagement Shoot Personal

     A huge thing for me, when I'm going into a shoot is that I want to make it personal.   No cookie cutter, I've seen that done 12 times, this doesn't feel like us, nonsense.   Show off the beautiful YOU!  To achieve this, you definitely have to communicate to your photographer that you are looking for something personal... and make sure specialization is something they provide.  I've found when designing Engagement Shoots with my brides that collaboration is key!   The more they tell about what they want and tell me about their love story the better idea I have about what direction they are wanting to take their shoot.

Ideas for Designing your Engagement Shoot:

  • Find inspiration! :  Magazines, pinterest (watch out for the cheesy stuff on pinterest :), movies, music, books, art, travel...  Let your photographer know things that inspire you, most love having insight into who you are as a couple!

  • Travel : Having unique location can add pizzaz to your shoot and make it truly stand out.  We often travel with our bride and grooms to amazing locations, and I encourage them to choose somewhere that has special memories or meaning for them as a couple.

  • Attire :  Now I'm not saying yo should go and buy a whole new wardrobe for you and your hubby to be, but clothing can very much change the entire look and feel of your shoot.  When choosing your outfits, keep it super simple (the less patterns and colors the better) , and also think about what looks good in the setting.  If I'm on a beach I love soft tones and flowing fabrics... a downtown atmosphere looks great with something a little dressy, like you two might be going out for a night on the town, or maybe do something fairytale inspired in the woods with a crazy awesome dress for you and something simple for him.  And remember to let your photographer know what you are thinking.

  • Title Your Shoot : This may sound a little silly, but I often title my shoots!  Naming the shoot, is not only fun, it lets everyone involved know the direction of the shoot.   Two of my more recent shoots were "Manhattan on Main"  + "Fairytales Come True"

  • Communicate!!! :  This makes such a difference!  Meeting with your photographer before the shoot to have a sit down one on one to get everyone on the same page.   

  • Have Fun : Enjoy the shoot.  Think of it like a date for you and your fiancé, where you get to go somewhere beautiful and special to the two of you.  Remember the moments you've had together and how you both love each other and are soon to say I DO!  If you relax and have fun, it always shows through in the pictures.  So always make sure you hire a photographer you are comfortable just hanging out with.  

I want nothing more than to give my bride luxury,  that feeling of owning something precious and having that one in a million experience.  - Kristin
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