The Tiny Dragon | A.K.A. My Puppy

    She is my tiny dragon because she has more personality than some people I've met.   I've concluded that she is the only dog I've ever met who could growl affectionately.  At first glance she is a bit bedraggled, with a fluffy bear like quality to her.  She has been known to "purr" when hugged too tightly, but she never actually follows through with the threat.  After 13 years together, my thoughts are this is her way of maintaining her independence.  Because she is like her mommy... and we like to do things on our own.   

    She has accumulated more nicknames than I could possibly remember, a new one seeming to appear every month, but lately she goes by the Tiny Dragon.  Mostly inspired by her fiery personality and the fact that Shih-tzus were bred to be Chinese palace pets. (And trust me she knows she has a royal bloodline)  She and I get along very well in our (not lap dog but) beside the lap dog relationship.  We love to be close and we like to be ourselves.  

She is watching me as I write this and I'm getting concerned she might sue me for copyright infringement.  So I'll close here... wish me luck!   - Kristin
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