What to ask your Wedding Photographer

     It’s a style, it’s an emotion, it’s a look…. whatever it is, you are first and foremost drawn to a photographer because of the beautiful images they are able to create on a wedding day.  But now that you have found someone you might like to you photograph your wedding day… what now?   You know you have to ask for prices, but isn’t there so much more?!  

     As a photographer who has been photographing weddings for 7 years, here are (not only questions that I would ask my photographer when I get married one day, but also) questions and fears that brides have entered my studio with when meeting me for the first time.

I found you.... Now what????

How many Photographers :  Having the peace of mind that on your wedding day you have more than one photographer (especially during those critical moments like the first kiss) is priceless.  

How many Weddings do you Photograph a Weekend : Over the years I have met photographers who photograph 3 + 4 weddings a weekend, and you as a bride may not mind, but coming from the perspective of a photographer I like to know that my wedding photographer is only photographing 1 wedding a weekend and 100% focused on the event at hand and not thinking about what’s coming next or already exhausted from the previous wedding.

Are your Second Shooters Professionally Trained : For me this is a big one!  When I go to choose the images for my wedding album I want everything to look seamless and beautiful together.  Check out their wedding albums and ask if they are made of multiple photographers images.  This will show you if the photographers' styles blend.

Do you Print or Just offer Digital : I happen to be enamored with printed photographs. Don’t get me wrong I love to share all of my images on social media, but at the end of the day it’s that gorgeous leather album. that really tells the story, that I cherish most.

What happens if the photographer is Sick on my Wedding Day :  Many well established studios will have trained photographers who can step into the roles effortlessly because they want their brides to have nothing to worry about.

What do you Charge for Additional Hours:  See if your photographer is open to the idea of staying later on your wedding day if you request it.  

How long does it take to get My Pictures after the Wedding :  I have heard so many horror  stories about a bride’s friends or families not receiving their wedding images until many months after the wedding!  Just be sure they have an approximate time they guarantee you to have your pictures.

Are you open to My Ideas : This one is optional.  I do have many brides who come in and want us to simply handle everything.  But if you are creative… just ask… it doesn’t hurt to see if they are open to ideas.

Are travel fees included in your packages :  This varies from photographer to photographer, but we have chosen to include travel within the state in all of our wedding collections.  So for those brides who would love something a little bit special,  it’s definitely a good question to ask.

Make sure you Jive : This one I can not stress enough!   I would say that at least 50% of the reason you should book your wedding photographer is because you like them as a person.   This person will be spending time with you on this emotional and amazing day of yours.   Always choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, because that will translate in the pictures.  If you feel happy and comfortable it will show.

     It is a balance of many things when choosing the right person to photograph your wedding day.   But with a little research and the right questions you can find that photographer who has a genuine interest in who you are as a couple and is truly passionate about capturing your love story to share with your kids one day.  - Kristin

Mary Ann SummeyComment