Everywhere I looked on this wedding day, I could tell that the thing that made Casey and Aaron tick were the connections with the people they loved.    From Casey's bridesmaids running around with happy hearts helping Casey get ready, to the groomsmen who all bantered with each other on the way Aaron's bowtie should be tied.    Casey even chose to wear her mother's altered wedding dress and showcase the heartfelt connection she had with her family.  

      And I have never seen so much joy as in the way their friends gathered in what was nearly a huge group hug to congratulate Casey and Aaron moments after the ceremony.   Tears and laughter and more tears were shared and I must have had at least four different bridesmaids tell me how beyond perfect Casey and Aaron were for each other.    These things.... these emotions... these connections... this is why I love what I do so VERY MUCH.   - Kristin

Mary Ann SummeyComment