Love Stories

We each of us live on the moments we have with other people.  

And the people we love share a piece of us.



katie + sean

  You could feel the sharp mist rolling in as they crested the hill in South Africa.  Katie watched as her boyfriend Sean nervously towed her all over the mountain top.  After their hike he seemed to be looking for something, unsure, darting looks back her way when he thought she wasn't looking....

Caroline + mac

Every true love story has a beginning.  The way she walked into a room, the way he kept catching your eye during that party, that something that you both had in common... although it isn't very often you hear of a romance that started with math....

Austin + jessica

You could feel it.  The hush that fell over the open space by the river when He saw her.  The sheer blousy train chased gently after Jessica as she descended down the winding woodland path. The electric shock when their eyes met moistened the eyes of their few dearest friends and family who joined them in this moment. In the last second of the ceremony...

What we are all about

by Kristin Summey of trinity Photography


What is it?  That movie you both love, the cute way she wrinkles her nose, that day trip to the mountains where you told him you loved him.  That collection of moments and shared experiences are a part of your love story.

As a photographer who has been specializing in weddings for almost 8 years my ultimate goal as an artist has become to tell your love story.  To have fun hanging out, getting to know you and working with you to customize your shoot.  Our mission at Trinity Photography is to provide you with a personal fun experience and give you photographs that truly tell your love story.    - Kristin



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We have days... well daily.  However your wedding day, this is something else entirely.  Your love story put on display for your friends and family.  Your covenant and seal to one another to always be true and to have a little fun along the way. We believe that you should never stop dreaming.  So tell me. What is your Wedding Day Dream?



meet the photographers

Kristin Summey

Book lover, travel obsessed, art aspiring, adventure seeker.  And generally just looking for my next Love Story to tell.   My photography story, you could say, began the day I was born... considering I was raised in a family of photographers.   However I truly became obsessed about 8 years ago when I was scholarshipped to one of the world's largest wedding conventions and I got the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the greats of the wedding world.   And the more I photograph I am coming to understand that it less about the picture and more about the relationship in the picture.  

"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Poe

Kara summey

HELLO WORLD!   Creative, I suppose you could say,  is what I'm all about.  New trends, trying that new look, or the first to jump off the cliff into the ocean.  As a photographer and graphic designer for Trinity Photography, I get to take this love of the new and creative and put it to work.   Eight years ago I began my photography career and since then I have never stopped pushing myself to see things from a different angle and bring the new styles into my photographs and our brand at Trinity Photography.

mary ann summey

I cannot remember a time when I ever did not love photography.  When I was 7 I can remember receiving my first brownie camera and wishing more than anything in the world that I could go to Hawaii one day.   Now I am in my 25th year as wedding photographer getting to travel all over the world with my daughters, photographing beautiful couples in love and living the life I dreamed of when I was 7.   Also, this is a picture of me and Hawaii having a wonderful time together. :)


"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles..." - Isaiah 40:31



We love to take your average engagement shoot and sort of turn it up a notch.   Every shoot is completely tailored to you and your fiancé to best tell your love story.   We often travel with you to a romantic destination you've always wanted to go to... or that location that is extra special to the two of you.   We work with you to style your wardrobe and to create beautiful images that look and feel like you.


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