It’s about the love, the connection, and laughing until there are tears…

…that wild kind of love that makes you want to drive through the night just so you can watch the sunrise together at the place you first met.


Behind The Lens

We are all travel loving and adventure obsessive women. ALWAYS down for a good time and lots of giggles. Photographing the love stories of our brilliant couples, in the places they love, is a magical thing.



Christine + Alan

Charleston, SC

“I couldn't have asked for a better photographer, or better people to work with! Spend one hour with these ladies, and you will feel like part of the family! Not only are they hardworking, honest, kind, and creative- but they are the most talented photographers in the South! I am so thankful that Trinity Photography shot my engagement, bridal, and wedding day. I have received more compliments than I can count on their work! If you are getting married, or if you just want a fun photoshoot, these are your ladies!!! Thank you guys, you are the BEST!” - Christine



Behind The Scenes

Come get a first hand look at our day to day crazy and some of the little behind the scenes that go down over on our Instagram. - Kristin



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