Everywhere I looked on this wedding day, I could tell that the thing that made Casey and Aaron tick were the connections with the people they loved.    From Casey's bridesmaids running around with happy hearts helping Casey get ready, to the groomsmen who all bantered with each other on the way Aaron's bowtie should be tied.    Casey even chose to wear her mother's altered wedding dress and showcase the heartfelt connection she had with her family.  

      And I have never seen so much joy as in the way their friends gathered in what was nearly a huge group hug to congratulate Casey and Aaron moments after the ceremony.   Tears and laughter and more tears were shared and I must have had at least four different bridesmaids tell me how beyond perfect Casey and Aaron were for each other.    These things.... these emotions... these connections... this is why I love what I do so VERY MUCH.   - Kristin


   After following Keri + Stephen down winding backroads through the mountains I knew these two were going to be a load of fun the second they hopped out of their jeep in hiking shoes and threw their garment bags over their shoulder.   

       Together we shimmied, slid, and climbed our way down past several falls to some of the most picturesque falls I've seen.  Although I must say trying to communicate with them turned out to be much more comical than you would imagine, because the falls were so very loud that half the time I ended up doing these hand motions/facial expressions to attempt to translate my thoughts across to them!  Which to the outside observer probably looked more like an elaborate tribal dance.  

    When Stephen and Keri and I first started chatting about this shoot, Stephen really wanted to literally get in the falls, like waist deep in a cold mountain stream.... and of course my response was an overly enthusiastic yelp of "YES"!    So these two braved the bracing water and were total rock stars sliding down into the water.  Up until Stephen picked Kerri up and they both took a dive and ended up a little bit more drenched than they originally intended.   Keri handled it all with giddy laughter shouting, "I'm a mermaid!"  while making her way back to dry land.  All in all these two were WAY too much fun to photograph.   

    A little muddy, a lot sweaty after climbing back up to the cars, but you probably couldn't see that through the beaming smile I had because I was so thrilled with the way the shoot turned out.  So here's to MANY more such adventures this year with my AMAZING couples.  (that's all,  I'm done with the CAPS now :)  - Kristin


      Stories..... people's stories are so important. The way people think, the way they forgive, get upset, care, what makes them ache. Their past problems, their future dreams. As a photographer I was given the gift of shooting peoples' moments and memories to treasure forever, but sometimes I think in the midst of it all I get to caught up in making people look beautiful and not caring about who I'm actually photographing. Forgetting that every single one of them has a a beautiful intricate soul. I want to photograph stories.

     Anna + Ron thank you for allowing me to photograph your love story.   - Kara

BACKYARD WEDDING | Kerri + Patrick

Kerri's face lit up in the most heart stopping smile the moment she spotted Patrick. As the long shadows were cast over the lake she walked with a joy and determination looking at nothing but him.  

  Patrick watched Kerri with tears escaping unnoticed on the long walk from His parents house.   In his handwritten vows Patrick promised to forever cherish Kerri and to always walk through the spiderwebs first.  

    Some couples have so much love and joy that it overwhelms me and brings me to tears.   I struggle to keep photographing and hold it together as they stand in front of all their loved ones noticing no one but each other.  Kerri + Patrick it is an honor to listen to your story.    - Kristin

Finish the Story | Your Wedding Album

    I think my favorite way to describe weddings is to call them "Love Stories" .  Because if you think about it, it isn't just a day, there aren't just two people, it isn't just about saying I DO, it may not be perfect but it's your fairytale.   And there is something about printing your story that makes it so vivid.  The CD's will scratch, the jump drive will phase out, the online gallery can't be held in your hand as you share your story with someone you love.  

     Here are album layouts of several different weddings...... follow the stories.....

Living The Art Life | My hobbies

    “Be Brave,” he would whisper over my shoulder when I was hard at work on a painting in his studio.  I would look up in confusion into his smirking face.  “You like to play it safe,” he would claim as he stole the brush from my hand and swiped several deft strokes across my canvas.  Managing to create the look in moments that I had been striving for for the past hour.  This man of 90 something odd years taught me so much more than how to drop paint onto a canvas.  

       If I listed photography as my job, I would list Art as my hobby.  Now everyone knows how passionate I am about photography, (I certainly talk enough about it) but a lesser known fact is that painting, drawing, or getting elbow deep in charcoal, is what I would call my “Quiet Space.”  It’s that thing I do that gets me out of my own head and takes me another place for a couple hours.  I completely lose track of time and when I slowly come back out of my art haze I’m exhausted, but somehow my creativity is refreshed.  Over the years I have learned to translate my love of art and art history into my photography.   Flipping through some of my favorite past projects and shoots you can see the influences that some famous artist may have had on my work as a photographer.  

Inspiration: Detail of John Singer Sargent Painting

Inspiration: Detail of John Singer Sargent Painting

Creation: Detail of a Bride's Graceful hands on her Wedding day  

Inspiration: Moody Dark Renoir Painting

Inspiration: Moody Dark Renoir Painting

Creation:  An impressionist feeling portrait shot through rain covered glass. 

Inspiration: Visconti Painting

Inspiration: Visconti Painting

Creation:  Portrait of Dreaming in a field

Inspiration: Supposed lost painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Inspiration: Supposed lost painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Creation:  Old Masters style profile of a girl

Creation:  Old Masters style profile of a girl

Inspiration: Detail of another Da Vinci Painting

Inspiration: Detail of another Da Vinci Painting

Creation:  A bride photographed through a door on her wedding day.  

Creation:  A bride photographed through a door on her wedding day.  

    Always, always, always, push yourself as a human being to try something new.  “Be Brave,” he whispered… I think he might have been talking about more than just art.  - Kristin

What to ask your Wedding Photographer

     It’s a style, it’s an emotion, it’s a look…. whatever it is, you are first and foremost drawn to a photographer because of the beautiful images they are able to create on a wedding day.  But now that you have found someone you might like to you photograph your wedding day… what now?   You know you have to ask for prices, but isn’t there so much more?!  

     As a photographer who has been photographing weddings for 7 years, here are (not only questions that I would ask my photographer when I get married one day, but also) questions and fears that brides have entered my studio with when meeting me for the first time.

I found you.... Now what????

How many Photographers :  Having the peace of mind that on your wedding day you have more than one photographer (especially during those critical moments like the first kiss) is priceless.  

How many Weddings do you Photograph a Weekend : Over the years I have met photographers who photograph 3 + 4 weddings a weekend, and you as a bride may not mind, but coming from the perspective of a photographer I like to know that my wedding photographer is only photographing 1 wedding a weekend and 100% focused on the event at hand and not thinking about what’s coming next or already exhausted from the previous wedding.

Are your Second Shooters Professionally Trained : For me this is a big one!  When I go to choose the images for my wedding album I want everything to look seamless and beautiful together.  Check out their wedding albums and ask if they are made of multiple photographers images.  This will show you if the photographers' styles blend.

Do you Print or Just offer Digital : I happen to be enamored with printed photographs. Don’t get me wrong I love to share all of my images on social media, but at the end of the day it’s that gorgeous leather album. that really tells the story, that I cherish most.

What happens if the photographer is Sick on my Wedding Day :  Many well established studios will have trained photographers who can step into the roles effortlessly because they want their brides to have nothing to worry about.

What do you Charge for Additional Hours:  See if your photographer is open to the idea of staying later on your wedding day if you request it.  

How long does it take to get My Pictures after the Wedding :  I have heard so many horror  stories about a bride’s friends or families not receiving their wedding images until many months after the wedding!  Just be sure they have an approximate time they guarantee you to have your pictures.

Are you open to My Ideas : This one is optional.  I do have many brides who come in and want us to simply handle everything.  But if you are creative… just ask… it doesn’t hurt to see if they are open to ideas.

Are travel fees included in your packages :  This varies from photographer to photographer, but we have chosen to include travel within the state in all of our wedding collections.  So for those brides who would love something a little bit special,  it’s definitely a good question to ask.

Make sure you Jive : This one I can not stress enough!   I would say that at least 50% of the reason you should book your wedding photographer is because you like them as a person.   This person will be spending time with you on this emotional and amazing day of yours.   Always choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, because that will translate in the pictures.  If you feel happy and comfortable it will show.

     It is a balance of many things when choosing the right person to photograph your wedding day.   But with a little research and the right questions you can find that photographer who has a genuine interest in who you are as a couple and is truly passionate about capturing your love story to share with your kids one day.  - Kristin

The Tiny Dragon | A.K.A. My Puppy

    She is my tiny dragon because she has more personality than some people I've met.   I've concluded that she is the only dog I've ever met who could growl affectionately.  At first glance she is a bit bedraggled, with a fluffy bear like quality to her.  She has been known to "purr" when hugged too tightly, but she never actually follows through with the threat.  After 13 years together, my thoughts are this is her way of maintaining her independence.  Because she is like her mommy... and we like to do things on our own.   

    She has accumulated more nicknames than I could possibly remember, a new one seeming to appear every month, but lately she goes by the Tiny Dragon.  Mostly inspired by her fiery personality and the fact that Shih-tzus were bred to be Chinese palace pets. (And trust me she knows she has a royal bloodline)  She and I get along very well in our (not lap dog but) beside the lap dog relationship.  We love to be close and we like to be ourselves.  

She is watching me as I write this and I'm getting concerned she might sue me for copyright infringement.  So I'll close here... wish me luck!   - Kristin

All Dressed Up | Photographing the Mid-Winter Ball

     It was a BLAST!!!  The music, the lights, the decorations.... this is my fourth year photographing this event, and I have to say that every single time they blow me away!   This year I loved the whole new Hollywood element they added, having a red carpet and background at the entrance like you might see at the Oscars or the Golden Globes.  I got to photograph all the ladies and gents working the carpet in their finest and hang out with some incredibly fun people.   Everyone danced the night away, making it another memorable night at the ball.

Six hours later my feet are killing me in these heels, but it is by far one of my highlights of the year! - Kristin

   You can find more pictures from the Ball on our Facebook page... 

Yes... I'm Travel Obsessed | Where I've been this Year

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.  - Michael Palin

I blame my parents.   They started me young and it has only gotten worse since.  In my head there is not only a list of places I want to visit, but both a Long term list and a Short term list.  Like... yahoo!  Oregon and the North West just made it to the short list!   I'm weird, I get that.  :) But traveling with my photography has made my life that much better.   So here is a quick little look into some places I have journeyed to in the past year...

Miami + The Bahamas

    Weirdly enough, as much as I've traveled, I've never actually been on a cruise until this past year.  Generally speaking I am very nosy and curious and I want to stay somewhere longer and find all the little places that even the locals may not know about.   However this year, we made the leap into the cruise line travelistas...  a fellow wedding vendor friend of ours, who is a very talented caterer invited us to join her on a road trip to visit her son in Miami and then a short cruise to the Bahamas.  I mean... why would we say no?   My favorite part of this trip was when her son took us on tour through Miami and showed us this incredible art district called Wynwood, where every wall has some of the most spectacular street art you have ever seen!

I ❤️ Miami  

I ❤️ Miami  

We live in a Beautiful World

We live in a Beautiful World

This was one of my favorite artists who's work decorated multiple walls around the district. 

This was one of my favorite artists who's work decorated multiple walls around the district. 

Las Vegas + San Francisco + Wine Country

     Every year we journey to Las Vegas for the world's largest Wedding Photography Convention held in the MGM Grand.  (which by the way has the world's softest beds)  And usually while we are so far out west, we think, "hey, why not hop on over to the coast while we are here?!   So this year we hopped a flight to San Francisco (which was dirt cheap... like $30 bucks) and stayed right downtown and even got to see the Chinese New Year Parade!   We also did a day trip up into wine country while we hung out in San Francisco for a few days.    Side Note: I'm definitely going back soon because I did not have near enough time in this beautiful city.

Sunsets + Trolleys

Sunsets + Trolleys

Shot from the trolley riding all the way down toward fisherman's wharf. 

Shot from the trolley riding all the way down toward fisherman's wharf. 

Afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Chinese Dragon at the New Years parade celebrating the year of the ram. 

Chinese Dragon at the New Years parade celebrating the year of the ram. 

Muir Woods is a magical place. 

Muir Woods is a magical place. 

California wine country

California wine country


    I've been to a lot of beaches, both in the Caribbean as well as other parts of the world, and I have to say Aruba could rub elbows with the best out there.   The beaches are stunning and wide,  the sand is white but doesn't get hot because it's made of coral, and the swimming is FABULOUS!  (which is huge for me, since you can't keep me out of the water)  Also great for water sports or sailing because it's windy.   One of my favorite parts about Aruba, however, is the fact that from one side to the other it is almost a 180.   The developed half of the island with all of the resorts is full of palm trees and vegetation with wide beautiful beaches and calm waves.  The rugged side of the island is just that.... rugged.   Bleached white cliffs drop 30 feet to turquoise crashing waves.  It's rocky and barren with a wild beauty that forces itself on you in the hot sun.   As much as I loved the beach, this side of the island is so otherworldly that I still can't get it out of my head.  

Always always ride a sailboat when you are near the ocean! 

Always always ride a sailboat when you are near the ocean! 

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

Yet another Trolley! 

Yet another Trolley! 

New York City

     Another big thing that tourists often visit, that I myself had never been to... New York City.  We spent the week before Christmas here celebrating my sister's 21st birthday.   Ended up walking 52 miles that week, which is a lot of walking, but totally worth it!  A big highlight for me was visiting The Met, because art is my favorite hobby.   I swear I could live in there for a week and still not get my fill!  New York lives up to it's name and we are planning to make a visit back there very soon!

The Empire State Building after dark. 

The Empire State Building after dark. 

The view from Ellis Island. 

The view from Ellis Island. 

The First Look | Should I do it?

     I got my start shooting weddings in the South.  By and large we of a Southern United States heritage tend to have "The Big Southern Wedding".  And I do have to say Southern Brides know how to do weddings right.  Along with these Southern Weddings, you have the tradition of the bride and groom staying out of each other's sight the day of the wedding until their ceremony actually begins.   But now you are seeing all of these brides in magazines and on blogs doing this thing called the "First Look" ... and you're thinking should I do this?  Will my photographer make me do this?  How do I explain this to my groom or heaven help me my mother!?  

    We probably photograph 50/50.  About half of our bride and grooms choose to have a first look and the other half choose to go the traditional route.   I have to say I do love photographing the "First Look", but I am also a huge believer in doing what you as a bride want to do on your wedding day.   

From the perspective of a photographer:  

When a Bride + Groom choose to have that special moment before the ceremony when they can see each other for the first time I have noticed several things happen....  The grooms often have a more genuine reaction because they feel more comfortable being themselves in front of their bride vs. all of their wedding guests when the bride walks down the aisle.    Also the stress level of both the bride and groom go down,  it's like seeing each other puts everything in place.   And whether they choose to go back to their separate spaces before the ceremony or hang out together for the rest of the day they both seem to have so much more fun!  (I happen to love this reaction!)


From the Groom's perspective:

   I had a bride meet with us before her wedding and fall in love with the idea of having this "First Look" moment with her Groom.   However her groom was definitely at odds with this idea.  He wanted to have that grand moment when she was walking down the aisle.... however he was open to the idea of seeing what it was all about.  So the groom went home and looked up as many articles as he could find on "The First Look" and in the end he agreed.    After these two were married and returned to our studio to view their wedding pictures the groom was ecstatic.   He claimed that the first look was one of his favorite parts of the day and that he would highly recommend it to any other groom and would even write a review about how awesome it was if we wanted one!

Alternative to "The First Look" :

    Usually if my Bride + Groom choose to keep it traditional instead, I will offer my favorite alternative to still achieve those beautiful shots you see of the Bride and Groom together.  Now most would take the time between the ceremony and reception to take these stunning shots, taking longer to get to the reception.  However I usually take a few shots right after the ceremony of the bride and groom as well as the family, then later after you've danced, eaten, mingled with your guests, we will go back out around sunset or even after dark and create some incredible romantic portraits of the two of you together!   It is also a great moment for the two of you to just relax, hang out, and get to go "Wow we're married!"

In the End... I think every couple should choose what they would be happy with...   It is your day after all!  - Kristin

The Beautiful You | Making your Engagement Shoot Personal

     A huge thing for me, when I'm going into a shoot is that I want to make it personal.   No cookie cutter, I've seen that done 12 times, this doesn't feel like us, nonsense.   Show off the beautiful YOU!  To achieve this, you definitely have to communicate to your photographer that you are looking for something personal... and make sure specialization is something they provide.  I've found when designing Engagement Shoots with my brides that collaboration is key!   The more they tell about what they want and tell me about their love story the better idea I have about what direction they are wanting to take their shoot.

Ideas for Designing your Engagement Shoot:

  • Find inspiration! :  Magazines, pinterest (watch out for the cheesy stuff on pinterest :), movies, music, books, art, travel...  Let your photographer know things that inspire you, most love having insight into who you are as a couple!

  • Travel : Having unique location can add pizzaz to your shoot and make it truly stand out.  We often travel with our bride and grooms to amazing locations, and I encourage them to choose somewhere that has special memories or meaning for them as a couple.

  • Attire :  Now I'm not saying yo should go and buy a whole new wardrobe for you and your hubby to be, but clothing can very much change the entire look and feel of your shoot.  When choosing your outfits, keep it super simple (the less patterns and colors the better) , and also think about what looks good in the setting.  If I'm on a beach I love soft tones and flowing fabrics... a downtown atmosphere looks great with something a little dressy, like you two might be going out for a night on the town, or maybe do something fairytale inspired in the woods with a crazy awesome dress for you and something simple for him.  And remember to let your photographer know what you are thinking.

  • Title Your Shoot : This may sound a little silly, but I often title my shoots!  Naming the shoot, is not only fun, it lets everyone involved know the direction of the shoot.   Two of my more recent shoots were "Manhattan on Main"  + "Fairytales Come True"

  • Communicate!!! :  This makes such a difference!  Meeting with your photographer before the shoot to have a sit down one on one to get everyone on the same page.   

  • Have Fun : Enjoy the shoot.  Think of it like a date for you and your fiancé, where you get to go somewhere beautiful and special to the two of you.  Remember the moments you've had together and how you both love each other and are soon to say I DO!  If you relax and have fun, it always shows through in the pictures.  So always make sure you hire a photographer you are comfortable just hanging out with.  

I want nothing more than to give my bride luxury,  that feeling of owning something precious and having that one in a million experience.  - Kristin

The Livery Stable | Al + Marilawren

They kept time to the slow rhythmic tempo of the music, swaying to the last song of the night. Holding each other tight they danced, Marilawren's lace train swirling around Al's feet in the blue light by the band.  

    Earlier, Marilawren had joked with me that she never thought she would meet her spouse at a zoo.   Watching these two dance their last dance of their wedding reception, I marveled at how some of the simplest choices in life... like choosing to attend the year old birthday party of a friend's son... could lead to you meeting your best friend's husband's best friend. :)  Marilawren explained that,   "Our two best friends ended up marrying each other and at their son's first birthday party at the zoo, we met."   Simple choices.. life changes.

Al + Marilawren,   Photographing your love story was a joy and an honor!   I can't wait to see where life's journey takes the two of you!  - Krisin + The Trinity Girls

The gold sequin sparkly bridesmaids dresses brought that New Year's Eve Flair to this wedding day.

The gold sequin sparkly bridesmaids dresses brought that New Year's Eve Flair to this wedding day.

Love a lace gown with a button up key hole back!

Love a lace gown with a button up key hole back!

The lantern walkway leading into the church was a romantic touch for the evening of the Wedding.

The lantern walkway leading into the church was a romantic touch for the evening of the Wedding.

This cut out customized cake topper was stunning!

This cut out customized cake topper was stunning!

These minimalist champagne toasting glasses are probably my favorite that I've seen... Mr. & Mrs.

These minimalist champagne toasting glasses are probably my favorite that I've seen... Mr. & Mrs.

The Embers live Band performances kept the party going long into the night.

The Embers live Band performances kept the party going long into the night.

The lace train highlighted by this blue light brought on a whole new level of gorgeous.

The lace train highlighted by this blue light brought on a whole new level of gorgeous.

Woodland Elopement | Jessica + Austin

You could feel it.  The hush that fell over the open space by the river when He was her.  The sheer blousy train chased gently after Jessica as she descended down the winding woodland path.  The electric shock when their eyes met moistened the eyes of their few dearest friends and family who joined them in this moment.  In the last second of the ceremony Austin pulled Jessica into a tight embrace and whispered to her asking "...remember 7 years ago when we first met?  Did we ever imagine the incredible journey we would take to get here?"  And you could see the joy in their faces as they both smiled through their tears.


     Jessica + Austin.... you have a love for the ages and it was an honor to witness and I am touched by your trust in me to capture your story.  - Kristin + The Trinity Girls

Jessica's father might have passed away, but she wanted a piece of him there with her.

Jessica's father might have passed away, but she wanted a piece of him there with her.

Elopement woods Bride
Bride in the woods
Jessica looked picture perfect in her birdcage veil and beaded vintage dress.

Jessica looked picture perfect in her birdcage veil and beaded vintage dress.

Woodland Elopement Wedding
Walking to her Wedding in the Woods

Walking to her Wedding in the Woods

Elopement by a river
Wedding River
Forest Elopement emotion
Forest Elopement Tears
I swear the emotions and the tears were getting to me too!  So much love I had to capture.

I swear the emotions and the tears were getting to me too!  So much love I had to capture.

Forest elopement destination
Elope in the woods
Elope in the woods
Elope in the forest
travel to elope
travel forest wedding

Downtown Wedding | Katie + Sean | Abbeville SC

    You could feel the sharp mist rolling in as they crested the hill in South Africa.  Katie watched as her boyfriend Sean nervously towed her all over the mountain top.  After their hike he seemed to be looking for something, unsure, darting looks back her way when he thought she wasn't looking. Little did she know he was looking for the perfect spot to ask her a "very important question." 

    From the initial moment we met Katie and her aunt, to the moment when Sean + Katie's parents wished them a tearful and  joy filled farewell from their reception, I understood that family meant the world to them.  Sean chose to propose in South Africa so his parents and brother could witness the love he had for Katie.  And Katie wanted her engagement photos to mean that much more by photographing on the land that had belonged to her family for generations.

  To Katie + Sean, your commitment to family and to each other would be an inspiration to anyone.  Thank you for making us feel like the family you cherish and letting us capture that bond.  

                                                                        - Kristin Summey + The Trinity Girls


Fairytales Come True Photoshoot | Greenville SC

     Have you ever been inspired by once upon a time, whimsy, or happily every after.  Can any woman, with conviction, state that they have never, at one time or another, dreamed of being a princess.... or at the very least getting to wear those dresses?   The castle, the flowers, the woods... the places our imagination disappear to with the slightest encouragement.  I think we all need that, at some level or another.  The idea of beautiful things, the concept of "anything is possible."   Where would we be without our dreams?

     Growing up my best adventures were in books... I was a princess of Egypt, I captained a ship, I fell down a rabbit hole into an impossible world.   Easily understood, my love for all things whimsical had an early start and continues on through my art and photography.

    Kara's concept for this whole shoot blows me away and the team that brought this vision together gives me cold chills with their talent.  Sometimes we all need to let our imaginations run wild.

        - Kristin

  Find more behind the scenes from this shoot on our instagram: @trinity_photo

  Ellis completely rocked this burgundy strapless mermaid dress.  And the art deco inspired necklace along with the red and burgundy roses as a headpiece / halo perfectly complimented her dramatic and whimsical look.

   Jessica Pattison with Tangles Salon designed the ideal full hairstyle for this shoot.  A little crimp a little curl and a whole lot of volume went into this style along with a braid pulling Ellis's Brunette hair to the side.

    A little black tulle and the perfect burgundy / merlot fall lip color.

     I have to gush over how much I loved the cinderella feel of this dress.  The ice blue, the ruffle details, the fitted sweetheart bodice and the full princess skirt.

    Here's to Robin Walenceus with Viola Bella and the crazy amazing flower halo's she made for our fairytale photoshoot.  I mean just look at these pale blush and rose peonies.  

   This deep smoky eye look that Vaughan Free of Merle Norman of Greenwood gave us really made Ellis's eyes pop.











    Every true love story has a beginning.  The way she walked into a room, the way he kept catching your eye during that party, that something that you both had in common... although it isn't very often you hear of a romance that started with math.

     Now I'm not saying that it wasn't the way she entered a room or the way he looked at her that began their love story,  but Caroline + Mac first met at Math boot camp.  Both starting their first year of grad school at Clemson, these two spent 6 weeks together along with 15 other people attending lectures and getting to know each other pretty well.  The way Caroline tells it, her friend Rachel kept insisting that she should go out with Mac.  However Caroline wasn't so sure, she didn't believe that they would be a good fit.  It took a post-boot camp camping trip with a few friends for Mac to ask Caroline out and for her to "happily" say yes.

   When Mac realized that he wanted to spend his life with Caroline, he decided to plan the proposal around her birthday... "so she wouldn't get suspicious of a fancy dinner." he says.  But Caroline being the charming laid back girl that she is, decided her birthday would best be spent at home with sweat pants, pizza, and a movie.  So after opening her birthday presents, a final small present appears at the end.  And Caroline says that they never did get to watch that movie, because they spent the whole night calling family and friends and telling everyone that they were engaged.

    When their wedding day finally arrived, Mac shared a love letter with Caroline.  Big soft tears ran down her face as she looked up at Mac with a smile that was only for him.  The way these two shared their day with those around them spoke of the love they had for each other and their family. 

   Thank you Mac + Caroline for sharing your love story with us. - The Trinity Girls


Always ready with a smile and a laugh, Anna is a blue-eyed Southern lady whose career as a nurse comes as no surprise with her caring heart for others. Scott grew up with 3 brothers and is no stranger to rough housing and loves nothing better than to tease Anna with his ready wit. However, the fact that he is a true gentlemen shows every time you see the way he cares about Anna.

Anna claims that, "Our love story may not be the most unique, but it is special because it is ours!" 

Scott + Anna met one night at a mutual friend's house. There was an instant spark and connection between the two of them. They spent the whole evening talking... and they have talked every day since. They both willingly admit that they are, " friends before anything else."

Anna shares that, "We have been there for each other through the good and the bad. We have laughed together, cried together, and shared so many memories over the years."

On a bright January day in Falls Park in Greenville, SC, overlooking the Reedy River, Scott proposed to Anna that they spend the rest of their lives as the best friends they had become and asked her to share a life together and to become so much more. They were surrounded by friends and family when Anna said... YES!!! 

Anna + Scott went on to say "I do" on the most beautiful Spring day of May 23rd, 2015.

To Anna + Scott.... your story is both unique and true to the two of you and the way you undeniably love each other. Thank you for giving us the honor of capturing that love.

- Kristin + The Trinity Girls

A huge shoutout to this amazing CREATIVE TEAM that made their big day possible....

Wedding Coordinated by DEBBIE VAUGHN | Catering provided by BURMUDAS AT STONEY POINT | music provided by BOBBY HAMBY | Anna found her gown at DAVID'S BRIDAL | and her makeup by VAUGHAN FREE of MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS OF GREENWOOD | hair by AMANDA HALL of MILLER & CO. | Flowers by JUDY COLLINS of LILLY'S FLOWERS | cake by AUDREY BISHOP |



  This love story was one that was long coming, meant to be... and one that may have never happened at all. 

      Sarah and Erich's paths first crossed, when Sarah was on the hunt for a job.   After submitting an application to the workplace where Erich was manager, she called again and again and pursued that job until she had recieved the position (even after they lost her application).   Without her persistence and determination, Sarah may never have met Erich and never would have gone out with him three months later.

    For the next week after their first date (which both described as magical), they spent every evening together.  Erich grew to love Sarah's cheerful and laid back personality and Sarah fell for the way Erich cared for both her and her daughter Chloe.

     It didn't take long for them to discover how much they loved traveling together and after they had been dating for 7 months they journeyed down to Erich's birthplace of Puerto Rico to introduce Sarah to his family.  Sarah adored both his family and the history and beauty of Puerto Rico and the trip was such a success that they went back again and again.


    In March of 2014 they returned once again to those lovely shores, bringing along both Chloe and Sarah's mother (who unknown to her carried a certain diamond item through security for Erich).  Later on, Sarah + Erich went for a lovely walk on the beach at sunset and wandered a bit off of the resort when Erich walked up behind Sarah and asked her “What would make this even better...”, She turned around and he was on one knee and said, “If you marry me.”  

  Then one year later on May 17th 2015 at sunset they said “I do”.  

     Sarah + Erich we are blessed to not only call you clients but friends.  You were an absolute joy to photograph and your love shines through in every photograph we took.  - Kristin + The Trinity Girls

Silver and Rose Gold engagement ring and Groom's wedding band.

Ivory Lace Detailing on Sarah's Vera Wang wedding gown.

Vera Wang Lace wedding gown with ornate beaded belt.

The wedding day is finally here!

Flower girl halo with ribbons

Sarah getting into her Vera Wang gown and tying on her beaded belt.

The Bridesmaids were in lilac full length dresses with tropical inspired bouquets by The Floral Case.

Hibiscus floating on the tables with lilac table clothes gave the wedding a tropical feel... a nod to Erich's Puerto Rican heritage.

Erich's lilac vest and bowtie complimented his ivory suit.

The groomsmen were in lilac vests with beige suits.

Loving how this image has a very Casablanca feel.

Pastel pink, white, and lilac rose petals lined the ceremony aisle. 

There ceremony space on the green behind The Links at Stoney Point.

The Flower Girl and Ring bearer in Lilac, White, and Beige.

The Bridal Party celebrating right after the ceremony.

Sarah and Erich and their daughter Chloe.

Sarah and Erich share an emotional moment as they have their first dance together.

Stoney point has a great space for intimate receptions.

Our bride and groom share a few romantic moments together as the sun sets over The Links at Stoney Point.

Sarah and Erich share their excitement at the sparkler send off.

The creative team came together to create a beautiful day for Sarah and Erich....  The Floral Case did a fabulous job with the tropical inspired flowers.  Having The Links at Stoney Point for our location was picture perfect and their catering is Spot on.  Sarah's stunning gown was a Vera Wang from David's Bridal.  And It's Your Party did a fabulous job making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the day.