After following Keri + Stephen down winding backroads through the mountains I knew these two were going to be a load of fun the second they hopped out of their jeep in hiking shoes and threw their garment bags over their shoulder.   

       Together we shimmied, slid, and climbed our way down past several falls to some of the most picturesque falls I've seen.  Although I must say trying to communicate with them turned out to be much more comical than you would imagine, because the falls were so very loud that half the time I ended up doing these hand motions/facial expressions to attempt to translate my thoughts across to them!  Which to the outside observer probably looked more like an elaborate tribal dance.  

    When Stephen and Keri and I first started chatting about this shoot, Stephen really wanted to literally get in the falls, like waist deep in a cold mountain stream.... and of course my response was an overly enthusiastic yelp of "YES"!    So these two braved the bracing water and were total rock stars sliding down into the water.  Up until Stephen picked Kerri up and they both took a dive and ended up a little bit more drenched than they originally intended.   Keri handled it all with giddy laughter shouting, "I'm a mermaid!"  while making her way back to dry land.  All in all these two were WAY too much fun to photograph.   

    A little muddy, a lot sweaty after climbing back up to the cars, but you probably couldn't see that through the beaming smile I had because I was so thrilled with the way the shoot turned out.  So here's to MANY more such adventures this year with my AMAZING couples.  (that's all,  I'm done with the CAPS now :)  - Kristin

Mary Ann SummeyComment