Getting to Know You

Ok guys….. think of this like speed dating and I get 5 minutes to know you better. My ultimate goal is to make your shoot as casual + way comfortable as I possibly can. Because I’ll be honest, I am SUPER awkward in front of the camera and relate completely when a bride nervously says that this isn’t something she does every day. I’ve found after photographing couples for almost 11 years that the very best way to achieve a more chill environment is to get to know each other. I want to be your friend (sounds cheesy I KNOW!), but I am completely sincere in that statement! So I look forward to chatting over coffee or beer and having a CRAZY fun time on your shoot together! And if you’re super curious and think that this getting to know each other is feeling a little one sided, I put my answers to the questions at the bottom of this page. ;) - Kristin

Name (Just so we know who the form came from :) *
Name (Just so we know who the form came from :)

Hobbies: I’d Say Reading, Painting, and just plain being outdoors are my hobbies.

Fav Music: Blues is my definite fav! Give me a little Al Green any day… but honestly I’d say my fav is anything chill with a unique beat and a GREAT story.

Fav Places: Inside of the US I’d have to say that I absolutely adore New Orleans, and outside I’d probably say Iceland or the UK. Both a little dark and moody and I LOVE it!

My Dreams: I’d love to get to the point where I can spend a month or two every year in a different country and try to stay put and do my best to feel what it’s like to actually live there.

Books or Movies: Now this is a hard one!!! But I am a book lover at heart and I own WAY more books than anyone would every care to count. And my fav book would probably be Jane Eyre ( although the fav list is nearly as long as the sum total of my books :o)

Dream Destination: There are SO MANY beautiful places on this spectacular earth, but right now I’d probably have to say either Southern China or Florence, Italy.

Disney?: Um….. YES…. Hello, we are the Disney generation! And I am a straight up Lion King gal.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs definitely, although cats do that cute little big eyed thing. Dogs are just so snuggly!!!

Drink of Choice: Well I will very willing consume any of the ones I listed above, but my fav is probably coffee or beer.

Bucket List: I’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive!!

Now I’m SUPER excited to see what your responses are and get to know a little more about you! Cheers! - Kristin